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Occasionally the BBC released material which didn't follow the normal catalogue number sequences. The few of these which exist are normally one off's never to be repeated! The main exception is the FAME records found in the albums section.

cdsingles catagory CD singles

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
Picture of BIAB CD1 Sonny by artist Emmylou Harris / Dolores Keane / Mary Black from the BBC cdsingles - Records and Tapes libraryBIAB CD1SonnyEmmylou Harris / Dolores Keane / Mary Black19913
Picture of FLOBBA001 Flobbadance by artist Bill & Ben / Nico Dean from the BBC cdsingles - Records and Tapes libraryFLOBBA001FlobbadanceBill & Ben / Nico Dean20023