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BBC Transcription Services (before BBC Transcription Service (no "s"), later BBC Transcription and today BBC Radio International) discs were only made available to overseas radio stations for broadcast purposes and were not made available for sale to the general public. However, in the early 90s many international BBC libraries sold their stocks to the public. Limitation: "Typically BBC Transcription Services pressed 100 copies of each disc only with instructions to the overseas radio network to destroy the disc at the end of the licence period."

Note that the genre of shows available via this label is as wide as the main BBC labels available to view here.

Also, records have been issued home and abroad for many years (the oldest I have comes from the 1950's but they have been issued for much longer!) Unlike most catalogues of records, each side of the BBC Transcription disc has it's own catalogue number - side two normally is one number higher than side one!

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.

cds catagory CDs

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYear
Picture of TCD 0001 BBC Transcription Programmes by artist Various from the BBC cds - Records and Tapes libraryTCD 0001BBC Transcription ProgrammesVarious1989
No coverTCD 0021The Robert Cray Band - In concert 508The Robert Cray Band1991
No coverTCD 0043New Model Army - In concert 510New Model Army1991
No coverTCD 0059Ride - In concert 512Ride1991
No coverTCD 0067Joe Ely - In concert 513Joe Ely1991
No coverTCD 0075An Emotional Fish / Inspiral Carpets - In concert 514An Emotional Fish / Inspiral Carpets1991
No coverTCD 0083The Farm - In concert 515The Farm1991
No coverTCD 0093Soho / EMF - In concert 516Soho / EMF1991
No coverTCD 0103Paul Brady - In concert 517Paul Brady1991
No coverTCD 0115Robert Palmer - In concert 518Robert Palmer1991
No coverTCD 0122Violent Femmes - In concert 519Violent Femmes1991
No coverTCD 0184All About Eve - In concert 526All About Eve1991
No coverTCD 0193The Blue Aeroplanes - In concert 527The Blue Aeroplanes1991
No coverTCD 0204Big Country - In concert 528Big Country1992
No coverTCD 0228On Stage - At The Hippodrome, Golders GreenGeorge Shearing1992
No coverTCD 0233The Psychedelic Furs - In concert 531The Psychedelic Furs1992
No coverTCD 0276Midge Ure - In concert 536Midge Ure1992
No coverTCD 0303Teenage Fanclub - In concert 539Teenage Fanclub1992
No coverTCD 0310Profile Annie Lennox: Diva 1 - 2Annie Lennox1992
No coverTCD 0361The Beautiful South - In concert 545The Beautiful South1992
No coverTCD 0441Joan Armatrading - In concert 554Joan Armatrading1993
No coverTCD 0454Misty In Roots - In concert 556Misty In Roots1993
No coverTCD 04846th Glasgow Jazz Festival, Programme 1Grover Washington Jr.1993
No coverTCD 04856th Glasgow Jazz Festival, Programme 2Unknown1993
No coverTCD 04866th Glasgow Jazz Festival, Programme 3Unknown1993
No coverTCD 04876th Glasgow Jazz Festival, Programme 4Unknown1993
No coverTCD 04886th Glasgow Jazz Festival, Programme 4Tony Bennett1993
No coverTCD 0489Youssou N'Dour - In concert 560Youssou N'Dour1993
No coverTCD 0519Paul Weller - In concert 563Paul Weller1993
No coverTCD 0520Profile Depeche Mode 1 - 2Depeche Mode1993
No coverTCD 0527Therapy? / L7 - In concert 564Therapy? / L71993
No coverTCD 0540Stereo MC's - In concert 565Stereo MC's1993
No coverTCD 0576Jesus Jones - In concert 570Jesus Jones1993
No coverTCD 0602The The - In concert 573The The1993
No coverTCD 0624New Order in concertNew Order1993
No coverTCD 0646Bjrk - In concert 579Bjrk1993
No coverTCD 0649Suede - In concert 580Suede1993
No coverTCD 0677Jamiroquai - In concert 582Jamiroquai1993
No coverTCD 0709Led Zeppelin at the BeebLed Zeppelin1994
No coverTCD 0716James - In concert 587James1994
No coverTCD 0725Paul Rodgers - In concert 590Paul Rodgers1994
No coverTCD 0726Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - In concert 591Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1994
No coverTCD 0727The Cranberries - In concert 592The Cranberries1994
No coverTCD 0728Therapy? - In concert 593Therapy?1994
No coverTCD 0729On Stage Suzy Bogguss1994
No coverTCD 0779KThe Spirits Of Woodstock KitVarious1994
No coverTCD 0786At Lewisham Concert Hall, London On 10th April 1983Buddy Rich Orchestra1994
No coverTCD 0793Radiohead - In concert 601Radiohead1994
No coverTCD 0802Dirty Tricks 1 - 2David Owen1994
No coverTCD 0820Stop The MusicMark Lamarr1994
No coverTCD 0829Crowded House - In concert 608Crowded House1994
No coverTCD 0830Wet Wet Wet - In concert 609Wet Wet Wet1994
No coverTCD 0831Sheryl Crow - In concert 610Sheryl Crow1994
No coverTCD 0835Frank Black - In concert 611Frank Black1994
No coverTCD 0888Oasis - In concert 620Oasis1995
No coverTCD 0899Eternal - In concert 621Eternal1995
No coverTCD 0900The Beautiful South - In concert 622The Beautiful South1995
No coverTCD 0902The Cult - In concert 624The Cult1995
No coverTCD 0903Jamiroquai - In concert 625Jamiroquai1995
No coverTCD 0954Morrissey - In concert 632Morrissey1995
No coverTCD 1164Eternal - In concert 674Eternal1996