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BBC Cassettes - Language-OP discovery

BBC sub label for foreign language records.

This was the first BBC label starting in the early 1960's. Their were (to start with) Radio shows where by listeners could follow the programme on the Radio then purchase the record and separate book to continue their learning.

Later the shows were also recorded for television and the records and books became more widely available via record and book shops.

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.

cassettes catagory Cassettes

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYear
No coverPTT 216Ensemble 1 - French for beginners - Parts 1 - 121983
No coverPTT 217Ensemble 2 - French for beginners - Parts 13 - 24Unknown1976
No coverPTT 222Sur e vif 11983
No coverPTT 223Sur e vif 21976
No coverPTT 230Digane ! - Record 11983
No coverPTT 231Digane ! - Record 21983
No coverPTT 234Kein Problem Record 11983
No coverPTT 235Kein Problem Record 21983
No coverPTT 243(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 248Russian Language And People - Record 1 A self-instructional course for beginners in Russian1983
No coverPTT 251Digane ! - Record 31983
No coverPTT 260Buongiorno Italia - 1-81983
No coverPTT 262(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 266(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 268(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 227(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 228(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 232Digame ! 3 - A television and radio course for beginners in Spanish - Programmes 21 - 301983
No coverPTT 233(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 254(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 255(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 258(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 259(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 261(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 264(Language course)1983
No coverPTT 265(Language course)1983