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BBC Radio Enterprises Ltd and BBC Enterprises Ltd, predecessors of BBC Worldwide / BBC Worldwide Ltd., the BBC's commercial arm. Formed 1968 and 1979 respectively, they were a subsidiary wholly owned by the BBC and merged into BBC Worldwide in 1995. In that time, there were companies set up within or structured brands as part of the company to deal with separate parts of the business, e.g. BBC Records for recorded audio. Sometimes written as BBC Enterprise Ltd.

The items shown here are from the "main" BBC Records and Tapes library covering a wide secletion of genres from themes, comedy dramas and others, depending on which format you have selected.

cassettes catagory Cassettes

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
No coverRMC 4012Favourite hymns from BBC TV and RadioVarious3
No coverRMC 4007Stay slim with Eileen FowlerEileen Fowler19773
No coverMRMC 024Come on and sing with the girl guides19753
No coverMRMC 014The many voices of Peter UstinovPeter Ustinov19693
No coverRMC 4035Valerie Tryon plays RachmaninovValerie Tryon19683
No coverZCM 47Sound effects No. 1Various19693
No coverREMC 73Monty Python's flying circusUnknown19703
No coverZCM 76Sound effects no. 2Various19703
No coverZCM 102Sound effects no. 3Various19703
No coverZCM 104Sound effects no. 4Various19713
No coverZCM 105Sound effects no. 5Various19713
No coverZCM 106Sound effects no. 6Various19713
No coverMRMC 015These you have lovedValerie Tryon3
No coverZCM 113Sound effects no. 7Various19713
No coverMRMC 008Hear our voices Shema Kolenu 19713
No coverZCM 120Music and effects for home moviesVarious19713
No coverMRMC 019Scottish samplerEoin Hamilton19714
No coverZCM 126Sound effects no. 8Various19723
No coverMRMC 02050 years of popular hitsVarious19723
No coverREMC 142The last Goon show of allSpike Milligan19725
No coverREMC 150Unique HancockTony Hancock19733
No coverHRMC 157HoffnungHoffnung19733
No coverZCM 164Sound effects no. 9Various19733
No coverZCM 166English with an accentVarious19743
No coverREMC 171Radio 2 presents BBC top tunesVarious19743
No coverZCM 173English with a dialectVarious19715
No coverRMC 4010Goon show classicsSpike Milligan19743
No coverRMC 4011The most beautiful girl in the WorldVarious19743
No coverMRMC 002RagtimeVarious19743
No coverRMC 4009Dad's armyDavid Croft / Jimmy Perry19743
No coverMRMC 021Characters from DickensDickens19733
No coverHRMC 18750 years of Royal occasionsVarious19743
No coverRMC 4015Original music from great BBC - TV showsVarious19743
No coverRMC 4016Hello cheekyVarious19753
No coverMRMC 038The gardeners' calendarEric Hobbs19753
No coverRMC 4018The best of round the HorneBarry Took / Marty Feldman19753
No coverMRMC 007As young as you feelEileen Fowler19753
No coverRMC 4008British wild birds in stereoJohn F. Burton / David J. Tombs19743
No coverRMC 4013Off beat sound effectsVarious19753
No coverMRMC 023What can I do ?Various19753
No coverRMC 4022Radio 2 top tunes - Volume 2Norrie Paramor and the Midland Radio Orchestra19753
No coverMRMC 026Guiding highlightsVarious19753
No coverRMC 4027Radio 2 top tunes - Volume 3Norrie Paramor and the Midland Radio Orchestra19753
No coverMRMC 027As time goes byKen Moule19753
No coverRMC 4024With brass and voiceVarious19753
No coverMRMC 030Hey you !Brian Cant / Toni Arthur / Lionel Morton / Julie Govington19753
No coverRMC 4020So, what do you think of the show so far ?Morecambe / Wise19755
No coverMRMC 031Sing a song of play schoolCarol Chell19753
No coverRMC 4026Goon show classics - Volume 2Spike Milligan19753
No coverRMC 4028Music from BBC Childrens ProgrammesVarious19763
No coverRMC 4029Take your partners (Come dancing)Sydney Thompson and his Orchestra19753
No coverMRMC 037The top ten religious tunesVarious19753
No coverMRMC 039A frog he would a wooing go and other storiesUnknown19713
No coverMRMC 040Out of this WorldVarious19763
No coverMRMC 041Vanishing sounds of BritainVarious19763
No coverRMC 4036Hands across the seaThe Band of the Welsh Guards19763
No coverMRMC 042Jackanory storiesJohn Grant19763
No coverRMC 4038Please yourselvesFrankie Howerd19763
No coverMRMC 043Fiddlers' rallyVarious19763
No coverMRMC 045Tale of a donkeys tail and other play school storiesVarious19763
No coverRMC 4039Rutland weekend songbookEric Idle / Neil Innes19763
No coverMRMC 044All the music from Trumpton and ChigleyUnknown19763
No coverHRMC 235Woodland and garden birdsVarious19763
No coverRMC 4041Angels and 15 other original BBC TV themesVarious19765
No coverMRMC 046Slightly LatinVarious19763
No coverRMC 4042Norrie Paramor remembers 40 years of BBC themesNorrie Paramor19763
No coverRMC 4043We seem to have lost the picture (The story of television 1936-1976)John Bird19763
No coverRMC 4044Round the Horne volume 2, more of the bestBarry Took / Marty Feldman19763
No coverMRMC 004Bang on a drumVarious19733
No coverMRMC 047The magic roundaboutEric Thompson19713
No coverMRMC 003Play awayUnknown19733
No coverRMC 4045TV big bands and orchestrasVarious19763
No coverRMC 4046Goon show classics - Volume 3Eric Sykes / Spike Milligan19763
No coverRMC 4047Baker's dozen (These you have loved)Various19763
No coverRMC 4048Comedy spectacularVarious19763
No coverRMC 4049That's TV entertainmentVarious19763
No coverRMC 4050The comedians singVarious19763
No coverRMC 4051Six - five specialVarious19763
No coverMRMC 050Womble StoriesBernard Cribbins19763
No coverRMC 4052Band beatSyd Lawrence 19763
No coverRMC 4053Songs of Scotland19763
No coverMRMC 051God rest you merry gentlemenAndrew Cruickshank19713
No coverRMC 4054The two RonniesVarious19763
No coverMRMC 052Its Morecambe & WiseMorecambe / Wise19713
No coverMRMC 053Parkinson meets the GoonsMichael Parkinson19733
No coverRMC 4055HancockTony Hancock19763
No coverMRMC 054Eugen Cicero's Schubert FestivalChopin3
No coverMRMC 055The Scottish National MOD 1976Various19773
No coverZCM 263Camberwick GreenBrian Cant / Freddie Phillips19773
No coverZCM 264Bedtime storiesVarious19723
No coverZCM 265Mary, Mungo and MidgeDaphne Jones / John Ryan19733
No coverZCM 266Easy listening sounds of Radio 2 - Volume 5Unknown19773
No coverZCM 267Sound an alarm ! (The fifth festival of 1,000 Welsh male voices)Various19773
No coverZCM 268Winter sports - Music of the snow resortsVarious19773
No coverZCM 269Death and horror sound effectsMike Harding19773
No coverZCF 270Porridge - An evening inDick Clement / Ian La Frenais 19773
No coverZCF 271The silver jubilee - 25 silver greatsVarious19773
No coverZCF 272The silver jubilee - Silver serenadeNorrie Paramor19773
No coverZCD 273The silver jubilee - Vivat reginaVarious19773
No coverZCF 274The silver jubilee - Royal saluteThe band of The Welsh Guards19773
No coverZCM 275DreamsvilleJohn Pigneguy and the sound of horns 19773
No coverZCM 27620 Country and Western greats Various19773
No coverZCM 277The Sheba soundThe Sheba sound19773
No coverZCF 278Carpenters and KingJack Dorsey's Galaxy of Strings19775
No coverZCM 279Listen with motherVarious19773
No coverZCM 280Sailing byVarious19773
No coverZCM 281Friday night is music nightThe band of the Welsh guards19773
No coverZCM 282RuboviaGordon Murray19773
No coverZCM 283Thanks for the memoryHubert Gregg19773
No coverZCM 284Enjoy your slimmingEileen Fowler19773
No coverZCM 285Sequence time at the Radio 2 ballroomVarious19773
No coverZCM 286Royal Britain - A journey in sound through the Queens realmVarious19773
No coverZCM 287Fairest isleJohn Fox singers19773
No coverZCM 28820 traditional Christmas carolsVarious19773
No coverZCM 289Favourite Irish rhythms19773
No coverZCF 290Last night of the promsVarious19773
No coverZCF 291Goon show classics - Volume 4Spike Milligan / Larry Stephens19773
No coverZCM 292Jackanory - Arabel's ravenBernard Cribbins19773
No coverZCM 293Ballad folkVarious19773
No coverZCF 294Comedy specialVarious19773
No coverZCM 295Disasters sound effectsVarious19773
No coverZCR 296Round the Horne - Volume 3Barry Took / Marty Feldman19773
No coverZCM 298Michala Petri recorder recitalMichala Petri 19773
No coverZCM 299Birds and other sounds of the countrysideVarious19773
No coverZCF 300The two Ronnies - Volume 2Various19773
No coverZCM 301Holiday sound effectsVarious19783
No coverZCM 302The Fairey Engineering Works band - Champion brassVarious19783
No coverZCM 303Scrapbook of 1977: Jubilee YearTom Fleming19783
No coverZCM 304World pipe band championships 1977Various19773
No coverZCM 305Midnight musicKen Moule19783
No coverZCR 306Down at the Old Pebble MillVarious19783
No coverZCM 307Through a glass darklyPeter Howell19783
No coverZCM 309The FlumpsJulie Holder19783
No coverZCR 310Top BBC TV themesVarious19783
No coverZCM 311Harp in harmonyDavid Snell19783
No coverZCM 312You have a minute lordDavid Kossoff19783
No coverZCD 313Viennese sonatas for violin and pianoMozart / Schubert / Beethoven19783
No coverZCM 314WatchRaewyn Blade / James Earl Adair / Louise Hall-Taylor19783
No coverZCF 315Who pays the ferryman ?Yannis Markopoulos19783
No coverZCM 316Doctor Who sound effectsBBC radiophonic workshop19783
No coverZCM 317Come & praise: 21 songs for assembly19783
No coverZCR 318Sailor - A picture of soundUnknown19783
No coverZCM 319Theorchy male choir19693
No coverZCM 320Gershwin's greatest hitsJohn Fox and the Radio Orchestra19783
No coverZCM 321Sounds of the living WorldUnknown19783
No coverZCM 322Sporting sound effectsVarious19783
No coverZCM 323Music from Salisbury CathedralVarious19783
No coverZCR 324BBC space themesVarious19783
No coverZCF 325The SongwritersVarious19783
No coverZCF 326By request - Norrie ParamorNorrie Paramor19783
No coverZCF 327Washington behind closed doorsUnknown19783
No coverZCM 328Sing for joy19783
No coverZCM 329Brahms Schubert - Edith VogelEdith Vogel19783
No coverZCM 330Ice timeUnknown19783
No coverZCF 331The two Ronnies - Volume 319783
No coverZCM 332Play on (Songs from play school)3
No coverZCM 333More bedtime stories19783
No coverZCF 334Wogan's winners19783
No coverZCF 335The best of family favourites19783
No coverZCM 336The Radio 2 ballroom - Volume 23
No coverZCM 337Mr. Men storiesUnknown19783
No coverZCM 338Songs of praise - Volume 219783
No coverZCF 339Goon show classics - Volume 5Unknown19783
No coverZCM 340More death and horror sound effectsUnknown19783
No coverZCR 341Syndey Thompson at the Radio 2 ballroomSyndey Thompson19783
No coverZCR 342I'm sorry, I'll read that again19783
No coverZCM 343All of us - one thousand male Welsh choirsVarious19793
No coverZCM 344Stories from the Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty and CoppeliaAngela Rippon3
No coverZCM 345The Mr. Men songs3
No coverZCF 346Laugh with Les DawsonLes Dawson19793
No coverZCM 347Music for silent moviesUnknown19793
No coverZCF 348BBC sporting themes19793
No coverZCM 349Trocadero cinemaWilliam Davies3
No coverZCF 350Sir Thomas BeechamSir Thomas Beecham19793
No coverZCF 351Sir John Gielgud in his greatest rolesSir John Gielgud19793
No coverZCF 352Dennis BrainDennis Brain19793
No coverZCR 353Rolf on Saturday OKRolf Harris19793
No coverZCM 354BBC radiophonic workshop - 21BBC radiophonic workshop19793
No coverZCF 356The Aphrodite inheritanceUnknown19793
No coverZCR 357The last farewell19793
No coverZCM 358Sequence time at the Radio 2 ballroom - Volume 3Unknown19793
No coverZCM 360Relaxing soundsUnknown19793
No coverZCM 361The band of the H. M. Welsh GuardsH. M. Welsh Guards19793
No coverZCM 362Music time19793
No coverZCH 363The magic of danceMargot Fonteyn19793
No coverZCR 364Doctor Who - Genesis of the DaleksTerry Nation19793
No coverZCR 365Top BBC TV themes - Volume 219793
No coverZCF 366Goon show classics - Volume 6Unknown19793
No coverZCM 367Symphony of the bodyAnthony Smith19793
No coverZCF 368Kathleen FerrierKathleen Ferrier19793
No coverZCF 369Dame Maggie TeyteDame Maggie Teyte3
No coverZCF 370Thank you for the musicNorrie Paramor19793
No coverZCF 371Fun at one19793
No coverZCR 372The GrumbleweedsUnknown19793
No coverZCR 3731000th sing something simple19793
No coverZCM 374Step this way19793
No coverZCM 375Watch againUnknown19803
No coverZCM 376The bumper fun album3
No coverZCF 377Fawlty TowersUnknown19793
No coverZCR 378BBC detective themesUnknown19803
No coverZCR 379Heads and tailsDerek Griffiths3
No coverZCF 380Gracie Fields, O. B. E.Gracie Fields, O. B. E.19803
No coverZCM 382Dance, keep fit and slim to music19803
No coverZCM 383Combat sound effects19803
No coverZCF 384MonkeyUnknown19803
No coverZCR 385Hong Kong beat and other BBC TV themesUnknown19803
No coverZCM 386Mr. Men stories - Volume 2Unknown19803
No coverZCR 387BBC comedy themesUnknown19803
No coverZCR 388Come dancing19803
No coverZCM 389Songs for tomorrow3
No coverZCM 390Sounds of speedUnknown19803
No coverZCR 391Top BBC TV themes - Volume 319803
No coverZCF 392Goon show classics - Volume 7Unknown19803
No coverZCF 393The two Ronnies - Volume 419803
No coverZCF 394Hancock's half hour - Volume 1Tony Hancock19803
No coverZCF 395To the manor bornPeter Spence19803
No coverZCR 396Junior choice 'favourite requests'19803
No coverZCR 397Metal explosion from the Friday Rock ShowVarious19803
No coverZCF 398The final chapterBing Crosby19803
No coverZCF 399More fun at oneVarious19803
No coverZCF 400Not the nine o'clock news19803
No coverZCM 401World pipe band championships 19803
No coverZCR 402Peter Sellers - The Parkinson interviewPeter Sellers19803
No coverZCM 404Goin' home - 1000 Welsh male voicesVarious19813
No coverZCF 405Fawlty Towers - Second sittingUnknown19813
No coverZCR 406Radio 2 ballroom: Sydney Thompson and his orchestraSydney Thompson3
No coverZCM 407Taking the strainPenny Yendell19813
No coverZCF 408Point of viewMarti Caine19813
No coverZCF 409Yehudi MenuhinYehudi Menuhin19813
No coverZCF 410Peter Pears and Benjamin BrittenPeter Pears / Benjamin Britten19813
No coverZCR 411Sailor II - The royal navy19813
No coverZCM 412Au cafe Candide (Secret army)Unknown19813
No coverZCH 413The royal wedding - Prince Charles / Diana SpencerUnknown19813
No coverZCR 414Chi mai - The life and times of David Lloyd George19813
No coverZCR 415The lord of the ringsUnknown19813
No coverZCM 416Talking to animalsBarbara Woodhouse3
No coverZCF 418Tchaikovsky - The sleeping beauty (Highlights)19813
No coverZCF 419One voiceGrace Kennedy19813
No coverZCM 420Science fiction sound effectsUnknown19813
No coverZCF 421Not the nine o'clock news - Hedgehog sandwichUnknown19813
No coverZCF 422Goon show classics - Volume 819813
No coverZCF 423Hancock's half hour - Volume 2Tony Hancock19813
No coverZCM 424Top BBC TV themes - Volume 4Unknown19813
No coverZCM 425Play school - HelloUnknown19813
No coverZCR 426Friday rock show19813
No coverZCM 427Willo the wispUnknown19813
No coverZCH 428Borgias19813
No coverZCM 429Christmas carols from Canterbury CathedralUnknown19813
No coverZCH 430Happy endingsPeter Skellern19813
No coverZCF 431Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli plays SchumannArturo Benedetti Michelangeli3
No coverZCF 432Yes ministerUnknown19813
No coverZCF 433Noel's funny phone callsNoel Edmunds19813
No coverZCF 434The Paul Daniels magic showPaul Daniels19813
No coverZCF 435Fundamental frolicsVarious19823
No coverZCM 436Hi - de - hiUnknown19813
No coverZCM 438Bird spot19823
No coverZCH 439Smiley's people19823
No coverZCF 440Flight of the condorUnknown19823
No coverZCR 441Action replay - BBC sporting themesUnknown19823
No coverZCR 442BBC space themes 19823
No coverZCF 443Hold tightLena Zavaroni19823
No coverZCF 444Goon show classics - Volume 9Unknown19823
No coverZCF 445John Paul II, the pilgrim popeUnknown19823
No coverZCH 447The kids from fameUnknown19823
No coverZCF 449Fawlty towers - At your service19823
No coverZCR 450Dear ladies - Hinge and BracketUnknown19823
No coverZCF 451Hancock's half hour - Volume 3Tony Hancock19823
No coverZCM 452Even more death and horrorUnknown19823
No coverZCD 453Not the nine o'clock news - The memory kinda lingers19823
No coverZCD 454On the air - 60 years of BBC themes19823
No coverZCM 455Training the dogs the Woodhouse wayBarbara Woodhouse19823
No coverZCM 456Noel's funny phone calls - Volume 2Noel Edmunds19823
No coverZCM 457More Mr. Men stories - Volume 3Unknown19823
No coverZCR 459Music from the visit of Pope John-Paul 2Various19823
No coverZCM 460Make like rock n roll19833
No coverZCR 461Lyn marshall's everyday yogaLyn marshall19833
No coverZCR 462Doctor Who - The musicVarious19833
No coverZCM 463Stouthearted men19833
No coverZCR 46420 BBC drama themesUnknown19833
No coverZCR 465At the end of the rainbowKeith Harris 19833
No coverZCR 466GandhiUnknown19833
No coverZCM 467Sound house - Radiophonic workshop19833
No coverZCR 468Flat dogs and shaky puddenMike Harding19833
No coverZCM 469Your songs of praise choiceThora Hird 19833
No coverZCM 470Music from great royal occasionsUnknown19833
No coverZCR 471Radio activeUnknown19833
No coverZCM 472Misty water - Colour memories19833
No coverZCM 473More willo the wispUnknown19833
No coverZCM 474Bang on a drum again19833
No coverZCR 475The Saturday side of David JacobsDavid Jacobs19833
No coverZCF 476The hot shoe show19833
No coverZCM 477Watch the third19833
No coverZCM 478Comedy sound effectsUnknown19833
No coverZCR 479Get fit with the green goddessDiana Moran19833
No coverZCF 480Three of a kindUnknown19833
No coverZCF 481Goon show classics - Volume 10Unknown19833
No coverZCM 482Henry's cat19833
No coverZCR 483Ted Heath at the BBCTed Heath19833
No coverZCF 484Fawlty Towers - A la carte19833
No coverZCF 485Hancock's half hour - Volume 4Tony Hancock19833
No coverZCR 486BBC children's TV themesUnknown19835
No coverZCF 487The dark side of the SunUnknown19833
No coverZCM 488Noel's funny phone calls - Volume 3Noel Edmunds19833
No coverZCF 489Saturday superstore replay selection19833
No coverZCM 490World pipe band championships 1983Unknown19843
No coverZCR 491Zodiac jukeboxRussell Grant19833
No coverZCR 492Best of Bentine19843
No coverZCM 493The house at Pooh cornerA. A. Milne19843
No coverZCR 494Laugh-InVarious19693
No coverZCM 495Singing in the bandUnknown19843
No coverZCF 496The living planet19843
No coverZCF 498Child's playUnknown19843
Picture of ZCF 499 When the wind blows by artist Unknown from the BBC cassettes - Records and Tapes libraryZCF 499When the wind blowsUnknown19843
Picture of ZCF 501 Study in scarlet by artist Unknown from the BBC cassettes - Records and Tapes libraryZCF 501Study in scarletUnknown19843
Picture of ZCF 502 Night of the wolf by artist Unknown from the BBC cassettes - Records and Tapes libraryZCF 502Night of the wolfUnknown19843
No coverZCF 503The dog it was dead / The dissolution of Dominic BootUnknown19843
No coverZCF 504Forty years onUnknown19843
No coverZCF 507Under the loofah tree / The disagreeable oysterUnknown19843
No coverZCR 509Sydney Thompson - 10 dance championship dancingSydney Thompson3
No coverZCF 510The Val Doonican music showVal Doonican 3
No coverZCM 511Your favourite bird songsUnknown19843
No coverZCM 512The best of Norrie ParamorNorrie Paramor19843
No coverZCR 513Aren't I luckyUnknown19843
No coverZCR 514The very best of me and the very best of himMorecambe / Wise19843
No coverZCR 515Return of the condorUnknown19843
No coverZCR 516Not the nine o'clock news - Not the double albumUnknown19823
No coverZCM 517Ivor the engine19843
No coverZCR 518For those I loved19843
No coverZCF 520Scriabin symphony number 3Unknown19843
No coverZCF 521Master of the gameUnknown19843
No coverZCM 522D-day despatchesUnknown19843
No coverZCR 523The show side of David JacobsDavid Jacobs19843
No coverZCR 524The thorn birds and other BBC themesUnknown19843
No coverZCM 525Listen with motherNoel Edmonds19843
No coverZCF 526Hancock's half hour - Volume 5Tony Hancock19843
No coverZCF 527Alas Smith and JonesSmith / Jones19853
No coverZCM 528Winnie the PoohUnknown19843
No coverZCR 529Topol's IsraelUnknown19843
No coverZCM 530The family ness19843
No coverZCM 532Bill the galactic hero19843
No coverZCF 533The unexpected guestUnknown19843
No coverZCM 534The TV showsMorecambe / Wise19715
No coverZCR 535Mary Poppins19733
No coverZCM 536The jungle book19783
No coverZCQ 537FantasiaUnknown19403
No coverZCM 538Lady and the trampUnknown19793
No coverZCM 539Snow White and the seven dwarfs19683
No coverZCM 540PinocchioUnknown19773
No coverZCM 541BambiUnknown19783
No coverZCM 542DumboUnknown19593
No coverZCR 543Indiana Jones and the temple of doom19843
No coverZCM 544101 dalmatiansUnknown19653
No coverZCM 545Sound guide to Waders in Britain19843
No coverZCM 546Sing something silver19843
No coverZCD 547Fantasy album - London symphony orchestra19843
No coverZCR 548Gary Byrd's sweet inspirationsGary Byrd19843
No coverZCD 550CryUnknown19853
No coverZCR 551Ride the chariot19853
No coverZCR 552Doctor Who - The music IIVarious19853
No coverZCF 553In search of the Trojan warUnknown19853
No coverZCM 555The front lineBlack Roots19843
No coverZCM 556Top ten hymns19853
No coverZCM 557Hokey Cokey19853
No coverZCM 558Mop & SmithUnknown19853
No coverZCM 559Caribbean cocktailUnknown19853
No coverZCF 561A. D. Anno Domini19853
No coverZCM 562Victory in Europe - 194519853
No coverZCM 563Alice in Wonderland19853
No coverZCM 564Voices from the Holy Land19853
No coverZCF 565Goon show classics - Volume 11Unknown19853
No coverZCM 566Rainbow brightUnknown19853
No coverZCF 567Sweet f. a.Unknown19853
No coverZCR 569All through the nightUnknown19853
No coverZCM 570In sessionBlack Roots19853
No coverZCQ 571The second World war 1939 -1945Unknown19853
No coverZCR 573The best of DisneyUnknown19853
No coverZCR 574Sing something Disney19853
No coverZCM 575Robin HoodVarious19853
No coverZCM 576The fox and the houndVarious19853
No coverZCM 577Peter Pan and Cinderella19853
No coverZCR 578The black cauldron19853
No coverZCF 581Cardiff singer of the World 19853
No coverZCF 582Tender is the nightUnknown19853
No coverZCR 583Friday night is music night19853
No coverZCMV 584Miami vice19853
No coverZCR 585Bertha19853
No coverZCF 586EastEnders singalongUnknown19853
No coverZCR 588Jazz Classics - Volume 1, New OrleansUnknown19863
No coverZCR 589Jazz Classics - Volume 2, ChicagoUnknown19863
No coverZCF 590Jazz Classics - Volume 3, New YorkVarious19863
No coverZCM 592World cup !19863
No coverZCD 593Royal family albumUnknown19863
No coverZCF 594Simon's waySimon May19863
No coverZCH 596Royal wedding - Prince Andrew / Sarah FergusonUnknown19863
No coverZCF 597Jazz Classics - Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong19863
No coverZCF 598Jazz Classics - Fats WallerFats Waller19863
No coverZCN 600Mozart - Four horn concertos and the fragment in EMozart19863
No coverZCF 601Jazz Classics - Bix BeiderbeckeBix Beiderbecke19863
No coverZCF 602Jazz Classics - Bessie SmithBessie Smith19863
No coverZCF 603Jazz Classics - Johnny DoddsJohnny Dodds19863
No coverZCF 604Jazz Classics - Jelly Roll MortonJelly Roll Morton19863
No coverZCF 605The CeltsUnknown19863
No coverZCF 606Super ClaireUnknown19863
No coverZCF 608The singing detectiveUnknown19863
No coverZCF 609Grange Hill - The albumUnknown19863
No coverZCN 610Blues on 219863
No coverZCR 613The muppet babiesUnknown19853
No coverZCF 614Living legend - Roland RatUnknown19865
No coverZCF 615The life and loves of a she devilUnknown19863
No coverZCF 618Nick BerryNick Berry19863
No coverZCF 619Always thereMarti Webb19863
No coverZCN 626Dennis O'Neill singsDennis O'Neill 19863
No coverZCN 629Tutti fruttiVarious19873
No coverZCN 631The rock 'n' roll years 1956 - 1959Various19873
No coverZCN 632The rock 'n' roll years 1960 - 1963Various19873
No coverZCN 633The rock 'n' roll years 1964 - 1967Various19873
No coverZCN 634The rock 'n' roll years 1968 - 1971Various19873
No coverZCN 635The art of Janet CraxtonJanet Craxton19873
No coverZCN 636The uncommon harpIeuan Jones19873
No coverZCN 637Shostakovich symphony no. 1 - Festival overtureShostakovich3
No coverZCM 638That's entertainmentVarious19873
No coverZCM 639The war in KoreaVarious19873
No coverZCF 640GershwinMarti Webb19873
No coverZCN 641Horn concertosRichard Strauss19873
No coverZCR 642Cartoon time favouritesRolf Harris19873
No coverZCF 643Jazz classics - Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington19873
No coverZCF 644Jazz classics - Joe Venuti and Eddie LangJoe Venuti / Eddie Lang19873
No coverZCF 647Jazz classics - Volume 4, Hot TownUnknown19873
No coverZCF 648Classic years - Volume 1, Bing CrosbyBing Crosby19873
No coverZCF 649Classic years - Volume 2, Al BowllyAl Bowlly19873
No coverZCF 650Classic years - Volume 3, Dance bands USAUnknown19873
No coverZCF 651Classic years - Volume 4, Love songsUnknown19873
No coverZCF 652Classic years - Volume 5, Silly songsUnknown19873
No coverZCF 653Classic years - Volume 6, OperaUnknown19873
No coverZCF 654Classic years - Volume 7, Movie musicalsUnknown19873
No coverZCF 655Classic years - Volume 8, Swing big bandsUnknown19873
No coverZCF 660The marksmanUnknown19873
No coverZCF 664Jazz classics - Red Nichols and Miff MoleNichols / Mole19883
No coverZCF 665Classic years - Volume 9, Fred AstaireFred Astaire19883
No coverZCF 666Classic years - Volume 10, Swing small groupsUnknown19883
No coverZCR 674PianoramaHarold Rich / Colin Campbell19883
No coverZCF 677Discoveries underwaterUnknown19883
No coverZCN 678Wings of instrumentsGillian Weir19893
No coverZCF 680Classic years - Volume 11, Hot violinsUnknown19883
No coverZCF 681Classic years - Volume 12, Dance bands UKUnknown19883
No coverZCF 682Jazz classics - Fletcher Henderson Swing 1929 - 1937Fletcher Henderson 19883
No coverZCF 683Jazz classics - The blues 1929 - 193719883
No coverZCF 684Classic years - Volume 13, Fats Waller 1934 - 1936Fats Waller 19883
No coverZCF 685Jazz classics - Henry 'Red' AllenHenry 'Red' Allen19903
No coverZCF 686Jazz classics - Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington19893
No coverZCF 687Jazz classics - Muggsy SpanierMuggsy Spanier19903
No coverZCF 688Jazz classics - Bob CrosbyBob Crosby19893
No coverZCF 689Songs for a sacred seasonUnknown19883
No coverZCF 690Classic years - Gracie FieldsGracie Fields19903
No coverZCF 691Kansas City19903
No coverZCF 692Sing forever19883
No coverZCD 693Ones on 1Various19883
No coverZCF 698Jazz classics - Coleman HawkinsColeman Hawkins19903
No coverZCF 700Jazz classics - Sidney Bechet 1925 - 1928Sidney Bechet 19883
No coverZCF 701InspirationsUnknown19883
No coverZCN 702Shades of blue and greenUnknown19883
No coverZCF 704Classic years - The roaring twentiesUnknown19893
No coverZCF 705The World of BBC TV themes19893
No coverZCF 707Doctor Who - 25th anniversary albumRon Grainer / Dominic Glynn / Keff McCulloch19883
No coverZCN 708The other side of the singing detective19883
No coverZCN 709At your request - Gloria HunnifordGloria Hunniford19893
No coverZCN 710At your request - Ken BruceKen Bruce19893
No coverZCN 711At your request - David JacobsDavid Jacobs19893
No coverZCN 712At your request - Jimmy YoungJimmy Young19893
No coverZCN 713Ray Moore - A personal choiceRay Moore 19893
No coverZCF 714Blind justiceUnknown19883
No coverZCR 715The vintage collection - Opera19893
No coverZCR 716The vintage collection - Operetta19893
No coverZCR 717The vintage collection - Mischa ElmanMischa Elman19893
No coverZCR 718The vintage collection - Solomon / GiesekingSolomon / Gieseking19893
No coverZCD 719Derek Jameson collectionDerek Jameson 19883
No coverZCF 720Jazz classics - Fletcher Henderson 1925 - 1928Fletcher Henderson 19883
No coverZCF 721Jazz classics - Clarence Williams 1927 - 1934Clarence Williams 19883
Picture of ZCM 722 Only an excuse - The real history of Scottish football by artist Unknown from the BBC cassettes - Records and Tapes libraryZCM 722Only an excuse - The real history of Scottish footballUnknown19883
No coverZCF 727Atlantic realm - ClannadClannad19893
No coverZCF 728Classic years - Saucy songsUnknown19893
No coverZCN 729Power in the blood - Vernon OxfordVernon Oxford19893
No coverZCQ 730When housewives had the choiceUnknown19893
No coverZCR 731The vintage collection - Dvorak Slavonic dancesDvorak Slavonic 19893
No coverZCN 733At your request - Anne Robinson19893
No coverZCN 734Maciain of GlencoeUnknown19893
No coverZCR 737The miller's reelRedpath19903
No coverZCQ 739The attack of the killer b's19893
No coverZCQ 744Howard Keel - live in concertHoward Keel19893
No coverZCQ 745Under African skiesVarious19893
No coverZCR 746Keep smiling throughCosmotheka19893
No coverZCF 750Aspects of Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber19893
No coverZCQ 751Sentimental journeyUnknown19893
No coverZCM 752Only another excuse19893
No coverZCR 753The vintage collection - Mischa Elman 2Mischa Elman19903
No coverZCR 754The vintage collection - Berlin 1926 - 192919903
No coverZCR 755The vintage collection - Operetta volume 219903
No coverZCR 756The vintage collection - Hamilton Harty and The HalleHamilton Harty19903
No coverZCR 757The vintage collection - Sammons / Tetris / DohnanyiSammons / Tetris / Dohnanyi19903
No coverZCF 759Jazz classics - Benny Goodman 1934 - 1938Benny Goodman 19903
No coverZCR 762Eighteen of the best19893
No coverZCF 763TV themes - America19893
No coverZCF 764The Paradise Club19893
No coverZCF 766Classic years - Classic Crosby 1931 - 1938Bing Crosby 19903
No coverZCF 767Classic years - Movie musicals 1930 - 193819903
No coverZCD 768Pennies from HeavenUnknown19903
No coverZCF 769Dream onUnknown19903
No coverZCD 776The best of OsibisaOsibisa19903
No coverZCF 777Black magic nightOsibisa19903
No coverZCF 778The very best of Ivan RebroffIvan Rebroff19903
No coverZCF 779Only a World cup excuse19903
No coverZCF 780The Kon-Tiki man19903
No coverZCF 781The vintage collection - Opera II19903
No coverZCF 784The vintage collection - Beethoven / WeingartnerBeethoven / Weingartner19903
No coverZCF 791Your cheatin' heartVarious19903
No coverZCF 792Essential sound effectsVarious19903
No coverZCF 820Flowers of ScotlandThe Corries19903
No coverZCN 824More pennies from HeavenVarious19903
No coverZCJC 828The Century Catalogue - Together Flip & WoodyWoody Herman19913
No coverZCJC 829The Century Catalogue - Road fatherWoody Herman19913
No coverZCJC 830The Century Catalogue - The Woody Herman Band plays the music of Chick Corea, Donald Fagen and Walter BeckerWoody Herman19913
No coverZCJC 831The Century Catalogue - Song for SisyphusThe Phil Woods Quintet19913
No coverZCJC 832The Century Catalogue - Buddy Rich class of 78 - The Buddy Rich Big BandBuddy Rich19913
No coverZCJC 833The Century Catalogue - Together again for the first time Mel Torme / Buddy Rich19913
No coverZCJC 834The Century CatalogueLes Brown and his Renown19913
No coverZCJC 835The Century Catalogue - The kingBenny Goodman19913
No coverZCJC 836The Century Catalogue - Lookin' for another pure loveThe Anita Kerr Singers19913
No coverZCD 844Bringing it all back homeVarious19913
No coverZCF 848The very best of Ivan Rebroff - Volume 2Ivan Rebroff19913