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Betamax (also called Beta, as in its logo) is a consumer-level analog-recording and cassette format of magnetic tape for video. It was developed by Sony and was released in Japan on May 10, 1975. The first Betamax device introduced in the United States was the LV-1901 console, which included a 19-inch (48 cm) color monitor, and appeared in stores in early November 1975. The cassettes contain 0.50-inch-wide (12.7 mm) videotape in a design similar to that of the earlier, professional 0.75-inch-wide (19 mm), U-matic format. Betamax is obsolete, having lost the videotape format war to VHS. Despite this, Betamax recorders would not be discontinued until 2002, while new Betamax cassettes were available until March 2016, when Sony stopped making and selling them.

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CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
No coverBBCB 2003Doctor Who - Revenge of the CybermenGerry Davis19753
No coverBBCB 2012Doctor Who - The brain of MorbiusRobin Bland19763
No coverBBCB 2014Doctor Who - Pyramids of MarsBob Baker / Dave Martin19753
No coverBBCB 2019Doctor Who - The seeds of deathRobert Banks Stewart19693
No coverBBCB 2030Doctor Who - The robots of deathChris Boucher19775
No coverBBCB 2036Doctor Who - The day of the DaleksLouis Marks19723