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BBC - South African Discovery

BBC records released to the South African public. The labels and catalogue numbers are different to the UK versions.

albums catagory Albums

CoverCatalogue numberTitleArtist(s)YearRatings
No coverBBC (D) 10Unique HancockTony Hancock19733
No coverBBC (L) 7Goon show classics - Volume 2Spike Milligan19753
No coverBBC (L) 16Goon show classics - Volume 4Spike Milligan / Larry Stephens19773
Picture of BBC (L) 17 Goon show classics - Volume 5 by artist Spike Milligan from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryBBC (L) 17Goon show classics - Volume 5Spike Milligan19783
No coverBBC (L) 19Rolf on Saturday OK (South African import)Rolf Harris19793
No coverBBC (L) 31Fawlty Towers - Second sittingJohn Cleese / Connie Booth19813