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BBC Albums - Radioplay Music - SRP / TSRP discovery

BBC Radioplay Music Library produced a series of Radioplay LPs & CDs exclusive to the British Broadcasting Corporation for use in its radio broadcasts. BBC Radioplay LPs & CDs were produced solely for broadcast by BBC radio stations and featured recordings that were free from Copyright, containing tracks recorded by the BBC (or partner organisations in Europe, USA etc). A number were live recordings, but there are also versions of well known songs recorded in the radio stations studios. For the vinyl LPs the front sleeves were usually of exactly the same design, with a picture of the featured artist & title being the only difference. The rear sleeve notes the title, tempo, intro, duration, end, composer, publisher and blurb related to the track (so the presenter could appear knowledgable!) BBC Radioplay LPs have some unique recordings, and as they were usually pressed by companies like Nimbus and were for broadcast, the quality of the production and pressing is usually very high. All CDs prefaced with the TAIRCD reference. CDs were manufactured at the Nimbus plant. "BBC Radioplay Music is not available to the public."

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albums catagory Albums

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYear
No coverSRP 7401Bert Kaempfert OrchestraBert Kaempfert Orchestra1974
No coverSRP 7402The Moogeyman ComethThe Moogeyman Cometh1974
No coverSRP 7410Big 'n' brassySweet 'n' Sassy1974
No coverSRP 7412The two beats happy soundDutch Swing College Band1974
No coverSRP 7420IntermezzoVienna Promenade Orchestra / Willi Boskovsky1974
No coverSRP 7424Cinderella's synfoniaDan Lacksman1974
No coverTSRP 7425Newfoundland drinking songsRyan's fancy1974
No coverTSRP 7428My mood is youSalena Jones1974
No coverSRP 7435Songs that make bathrooms beautifulThe Sing 'n' String Sensations1974
No coverTSRP 7445Sonny and Slim meet Canned Heat at MontreuxSonny Terry and Brownie McGhee1974
No coverSRP 7448Cool like conniff1974
Picture of SRP 7505 Sweet and sour, Canadian style by artist Bill Van from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes librarySRP 7505Sweet and sour, Canadian styleBill Van1975
No coverSRP 7517Moonlight moogSyne Wave1975
No coverSRP 7521FretworkGuy Lukowski1975
No coverTSRP 7524Muller's magicThe Muller Big Band1975
No coverSRP 7525Country harvestWild Oatys America1975
No coverTSRP 7539EverytimeRyan's fancy1975
No coverTSRP 7542Jazz'ma tazzBrian Green's Dixie Band1975
No coverTSRP 7543Songs your mother sangThe Todds Group1975
No coverTSRP 7548I gotta be freeBob Harvey & the Pilgrims1975
No coverTSRP 7550Looking backRyan's fancy1975
No coverTSRP 7551Times to rememberRyan's fancy1975
No coverTSRP 7552Keep it in the familyBrother Love1975
Picture of SRP 7558 The quickness of the sun by artist Troy Cory from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes librarySRP 7558The quickness of the sunTroy Cory1975
No coverSRP 7562She's glad I'm SteveSteve Clayton1975
No coverSRP 7570Truck it and seeC. W. McCall1975
No coverSRP 7571Never hit your Grandma with a shovelSpiker Jones & His City Slickers1975
No coverTSRP 7572Jazz on a Summer's dayVarious1975
No coverSRP 7574Guitar boogieJohnny Silent & the Phantoms1975
No coverSRP 7577Soundscreen: From the big movie musicalsHenry Salmon and his orchestra1975
Picture of SRP 7578 The big love themes by artist Henry Salmon from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes librarySRP 7578The big love themesHenry Salmon1975
No coverSRP 7579Satin LatinRoss Simon1975
No coverTSRP 7580Don't think twice, it's all right!: A tribute to Joan BaezJo Dyas1975
No coverTSRP 7584StarsoundConniffers1975
No coverSRP 7592Band in handRod Mason & Ian Wheeler1975
No coverSRP 7601Jolly RogerRoger Roger1976
No coverSRP 7603Troy Cory's Christmas CrackersTroy Cory1976
No coverTSRP 7605Standin up in a hammockManhattan Freeway1976
No coverTSRP 7609The Chieftains with Planxty, Eddie & Finbar Furey and the WolfetonesThe Chieftains with Planxty, Eddie & Finbar Furey and the Wolfetones1976
No coverTSRP 7610Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot1976
No coverSRP 7613Trombones at dawnGlenn Miller vs Tommy Dorsey1976
No coverSRP 7615The Music of Franz Von SuppeThe Raphaele Concert Orchestra1976
No coverSRP 7618Viennese pops - Volume 2The Raphaele Concert Orchestra1976
No coverTSRP 7701If only you could play like thisDick Reitan1977
No coverSRP 7705Swing high, swing lowSound & Voices1977
No coverTSRP 7707Unashamed nostalgiaThe Airmen of Note1977
No coverSRP 7714The Glendale Plumbing CompanyThe Glendale Plumbing Company1977
No coverTSRP 7716Clooney and ClanRosemary Clooney1977
Picture of TSRP 7717 Here & now by artist Norad Commanders orchestra from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryTSRP 7717Here & nowNorad Commanders orchestra1977
No coverTSRP 7719The ABC ShowbandThe ABC Showband1977
No coverTSRP 7720Flying highAir Force Academy Falconaires1977
No coverTSRP 7721Give it one!The Airforce Academy Falconaires1977
No coverTSRP 7726Jo-Ann Kelly meets Dick WellstoodJo-Ann Kelly1977
No coverTSRP 7727Party pot-pourriThe Vara Dance Orchestra1977
No coverTSRP 7730Two sides of Rick WhiteheadRick Whitehead1977
No coverSRP 7734Sing and be happyThe Now Singers1977
No coverTSRP 7736Maple leaf ragUS Army Chamber Orchestra1977
No coverTSRP 7746The best thing that ever happenedThe Radioplay Pops Orchestra1977
Picture of SRP 7747 Meet a happy guy by artist Guy Pastor from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes librarySRP 7747Meet a happy guyGuy Pastor1977
No coverSRP 7755FeelingsSarah Vaughan / The Airmen of Note1977
No coverSRP 7756Black classicsThe Phila-Busters1977
No coverSRP 7758StoryvilleStoryville1977
No coverSRP 7762All by myselfTroy Cory1977
No coverSRP 7772Disco-ManiaHarold's Band1977