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International releases of BBC records.

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CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
No coverBBC (D) 10Unique Hancock (South African import)Tony Hancock19733
No coverBBC (L) 7Goon show classics - Volume 2 (South African import)Spike Milligan19753
No coverBBC (L) 16Goon show classics - Volume 4 (South African import)Spike Milligan / Larry Stephens19773
Picture of BBC (L) 17 Goon show classics - Volume 5 (South African import) by artist Spike Milligan from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryBBC (L) 17Goon show classics - Volume 5 (South African import)Spike Milligan19783
No coverBBC (L) 19Rolf on Saturday OK (South African import)Rolf Harris19793
No coverBBC (L) 31Fawlty Towers - Second sitting (South African import)John Cleese / Connie Booth19813