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BBC - Canadian discovery

BBC records released to the Canadian public. The labels are the same as the UK releases and catalogue numbers are different to the UK versions.

albums catagory Albums

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
No coverTRC - 1027Monty Python's flying circus (Canadian import)Monty Python19703
No coverHRC - 1062The last Goon Show of all (Canadian import)The Goon Show19743
No coverTRC - 1046English with a dialect (Canadian import)Various19713
No coverTRC - 602A frog he would a-wooing go (Canadian import)Douglas Coombes19713
Picture of TRC - 1029 Goon show classics - Volume 4 by artist Spike Milligan / Larry Stephens from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryTRC - 1029Goon show classics - Volume 4Spike Milligan / Larry Stephens19773
No coverHRC - 1025The two Ronnies - Volume 2 (Canadian import)Various19773
No coverTRC - 918Doctor Who sound effects (Sound effects no. 19) (Canadian import)BBC radiophonic workshop19783
No coverTRC - 1028The Two Ronnies vol. 3 (Canadian import)Various3
No coverTRC - 1024Goon show classics vol. 5 (Canadian import)The Goon Show19783
Picture of TRC - 1041 BBC stereo test disc (Canadian import) by artist Robert Dougall from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryTRC - 1041BBC stereo test disc (Canadian import)Robert Dougall19793
Picture of TRC - 1036 Fawlty Towers (Canadian import) by artist John Cleese / Connie Booth from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryTRC - 1036Fawlty Towers (Canadian import)John Cleese / Connie Booth19793
No coverTRC - 917Sound effects no.25 - Sounds of speed (Canadian import)Various19803
No coverTRC - 1050Goon Show classics vol. 7 (Canadian import)The Goon Show19803
No coverTRC - 1051Bing - The final chapter (Canadian import)Bing Crosby19803
No coverTRC - 1047Not the nine o'clock news (Canadian import)Various19803
No coverTRC - 1055The Parkinson interview (Canadian import)Peter Sellers / Michael Parkinson19803
No coverTRC - 1056Goin' home - 1000 Welsh male voices (Canadian import)Various19813
No coverTRC - 1054Fawlty Towers - Second sitting (Canadian import)John Cleese / Connie Booth19813
No coverTRC - 1053The Royal Wedding of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and The Lady Diana Spencer (Canadian import)Various19813
No coverHRC - 911Death and horror sound effects (Canadian import)Mike Harding19773
Picture of TRC-SP 1038 Thank you for the music (Canadian import) by artist Norrie Paramor and the Midland Radio Orchestra from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryTRC-SP 1038Thank you for the music (Canadian import)Norrie Paramor and the Midland Radio Orchestra19793
Picture of HRC - 1060 Ted Heath at the BBC (Canadian import) by artist Ted Heath from the BBC albums - Records and Tapes libraryHRC - 1060Ted Heath at the BBC (Canadian import)Ted Heath19833
No coverHRC - 1063The very best of me and the very best of him (Canadian import)The Two Ronnies19843
No coverHRC - 1065All through the night (Canadian import)Aled Jones3