Album version 3 reverse 1977-1991 / b

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Album version 3 reverse

Please find the details I have recorded for this release, use the tabs to see all the details.

Release details

Below listed is some general details I have for this catalogue, including if it is in my collection.
CatagoryBBC Transcription Disc cardboard sleeves
Sleeve picturePicture of catalogue Album version 3 reverse
Catagory descriptionThese sleeves were never issued to the general public, they have a plastic film inner sleeve attached to the outer card sleeve to try to keep the record as clean as possible between uses.
TitleAlbum version 3 reverse
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
Item deleted?Yes
Released1977-1991 / b
What type of seller was used?Discogs online shop

Release pictures

Below is all the cover (front, back, middle and inserts if applicable) and label pictures I have for this release.
Front cover
Front cover of catalogue Album version 3 reverse 1977-1991 / b


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