BBC sound effects catalogue 1988

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BBC sound effects catalogue

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Release details

Below listed is some general details I have for this catalogue, including if it is in my collection.
CatagoryBBC Sound Effects catalogues
Sleeve picturePicture of catalogue BBC sound effects catalogue
Catagory descriptionThe first one in this set is a bit more unusual as the records listed were also contained in the main catalogues. I guess the BBC thought that having separate one would help to sell in a more niche market of home video production? The other two relate to CD's.
TitleBBC sound effects catalogue
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
Item deleted?Yes
What type of seller was used?eBay online shop
Where can I buy this release?You may be able to purchase this release from the following websites
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Release pictures

Below is all the cover (front, back, middle and inserts if applicable) and label pictures I have for this release.
Front cover
Front cover of catalogue BBC sound effects catalogue 1988


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